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Do you know who founded the Methodist church? The definition of a creed? Why we like to meet in small groups? If you're in 6th grade, you'll be a church expert in no time!


Confirmation is the rite of affirmation of faith. For those who were baptized as children, confirmation is your opportunity to “confirm” your faith in Jesus Christ and find your place in the church. At FUMCBR, confirmation happens in 6th grade, as part of your final year in the Heir Force Preteen Ministry. After Confirmation, youth join FUMC Youth Ministry! Confirmation classes are held in the Fall and Winter during the Sunday School hour, and begins with a parent meeting after Labor Day. Confirmation combines learning about the basics of Christian faith and how to have a relationship with God, all into fun lessons with friends! Confirmands attend an awesome retreat where they grow closer to God and each other (held each year during the LSU off weekend at Camp Istrouma in Central, La). 


For youth older than 6th grade who would like to go through Confirmation, fill out the form below. We have a special confirmation process for older youth that helps you explore foundational questions of the Christian faith with an awesome adult mentor! 

Confirmation Crash Course
(for 7th-12th Grade Youth)
Heir Force Confirmation
(for 6th Grade Students)
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