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 Kale Wetekamm 

Director of Youth Ministry


Kale is from Mandeville, La and loves all things about our home state - LSU, Saints, the food, the family, the music, and the outdoors. He went to LSU and graduated in Natural Resource Ecology and Management. His favorite holiday is Mardi Gras, and he once went surfing in Alaska! He loves to be outside, and is probably out running around the LSU lakes right now! 

You can contact him at

 Kathryn Thomas 

Youth Ministry Assistant


Kathryn  is from Baton Rouge, LA and was part of FUMC Youth in high school. She loved the mission trips, TREK and awesome adult leaders who taught her so much. She's now back to be one of those leaders for you! Kathryn can teach you to play soccer, tell a joke, make a coffee, and brighten your day. She has too many restaurants on her "never been to" list, so she's ready to get to know you over lunch at your favorite place! Kathryn attends LSU for Child and Family Studies.. 

You can contact her at

Jake ragsdale
 Jake Ragsdale 

Youth Ministry ASSOCIATE

 Jake is a veteran of FUMC Youth who loves Jesus, baseball, and leading you in your faith! When he's not studying at LSU or coaching baseball, you'll catch him planning and preparing for all the ministry you love. Jake loves Sunday youth nights, TREK and Ski Trips and can't wait for you to be part of it all! You can contact Jake at

Executive Director of FUMC


George was born in Roswell, New Mexico and graduated from McMurray University. He has been working in youth ministry for 30 years. We'd say he's a Mexican food connoisseur and can whip up some mean green chili chicken enchiladas. George is a huge fan of the Avengers, Pandora radio and playing jokes on everyone.

Contact him at

George Ragsdale
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