Love God.



Sunday School

Sunday Morning @ 9:45am 

Sunday School for 7th-12th grade meets via Zoom and in-person. See the links above to pre-register or log in! Games, prizes and the Bible - just wake up, roll over and log in!


**Times Vary**

Tribes are our grade level small groups that happen throughout the week to grow deeper as friends and disciples. 

Bible Study is looking a bit different these days. Check out the pictures here for the passage and questions to use in your small groups and with your family and friends!

Want to volunteer?

What's Up Next?

Recent Event Pictures!

** Text (225) 304-6302 if you need your leaders number

Dig into the Word.

Live out your faith.

Make Memories.

Ongoing Events

Sunday School: 9:45-10:45 am

Tribes: check the calendar for your time

Youth Worship: posted to Instagram + YouTube on Sunday at 6pm.


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