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Daily To Do:

  1. Watch the daily video to learn all about today's mystery ministry partner

Day 2 Video

2. Spend your time with God with today's devotion on Living Life on Mission 

3. Call your prayer partner

4. Complete today's mission project

What you'll need:

  • 1-3 t-shirts (size S or M) you’re willing to donate but that aren’t gross. 

  • Scissors 

Mission Project:

Art is a great teaching tool and helps the kids express their imagination, grow confident in their skills and have fun! Some kids do not have multiple outfits, and no one likes messing up their clothes. Mrs. Zoe has asked for aprons that the kids can wear while painting. We will make these out of our old t-shirts, using the following template: The kids can put these on to protect their clothes from mess while having fun during art time! 

How To Make:

  1. Lay your shirt on a flat surface and smooth out any ripples. 

  2. Cut off each arm, armpit to collar. Make sure not to cut the collar itself. 

  3. Turn the shirt over, back side up. Cut below the collar ONLY on the back. 

  4. Cut from armpit to armpit along the back. Remove the excess piece. 

  5. Cut up each side, leaving 3″ connected. This 3″ piece will turn into the apron ties in the next step. 

  6. With the shirt laying backside up, start on the left side and snip up only half-way, then cut along the width of the shirt. Once you get to the end, snip UP. This will have turned the back piece into two ties for your apron.

​5. Join Zoom call at 7 PM

Optional Donation

The preschool also welcomes donations of extra cleaning supplies to keep the teachers and children safe during the pandemic. Disinfecting spray and wipes, hand sanitizer and paper towels would be most helpful.

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