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Daily To Do:

  1. Watch the daily video to learn all about today's mystery ministry partner

Day 3 Video

2. Spend your time with God with today's devotion on Living Life on Mission 

3. Call your prayer partner

4. Complete today's mission project


What you'll need:

  • 8.5x11 paper 

  • markers and pens 

  • Bible verses that bring you hope 

Mission Project:


Often people living in poverty feel embarrassment, shame, guilt for not being able to provide, and it’s easy to lose hope. During the pandemic, you can imagine the nightmare of being isolated in a home that is unsatisfactory. Today we will make Cards of Hope to bring the light of Christ. For past clients, and people still waiting because this summer’s missions were postponed, your cards will remind them they are loved and not forgotten. Challenge: think of more than “Jesus loves you:” share why Jesus gives YOU hope when your plans get changed or don’t go your way. Uplifting Bible verses are a great way to share that hope too. You can sign it “the Youth of First United Methodist Church Baton Rouge” or your first name (not last name). 

​5. Join Zoom call at 7 PM

Optional Donation

The biggest need for this organization is financial. Without volunteer fees to fund the ministry, there is a big challenge to keeping the doors open. Insurance must still be paid, plus facility rentals to make sure there’s a mission site in the future. If you would like to give a financial gift to support, make a donation to FUMC Baton Rouge (designated “Mystery Mission”) or directly to our ministry partner.

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